ActiveControl hero image
Posted by Peter Yabsley - Thursday, 7th September 2017 - Business Transformation, DevOps, Agile Development, Optimizing IT

As Basis Technologies’ product range has evolved over the years, from a straightforward SAP change control solution to a powerful suite of DevOps tools, a number of names and labels have come and gone.

It happens to many products as they...

What can football teach us about data analysis?
Posted by Tim England - Tuesday, 31st January 2017 - Optimizing IT, Business Process Insight

So your team had their best ever year last year, pulling in some very impressive results and winning an award in the process. But this year it has been much tougher. Ok, so last year was exceptional, but at least one European...

How APIs can help agile SAP development
Posted by James Roberts - Thursday, 19th January 2017 - DevOps, Agile Development, Optimizing IT

There’s a big challenge facing business in today’s digital world as they strive for agility.

The need for companies to adapt and respond to change has never been greater and the speed at which they can do...

10 step self assessment DevOps Hero Image
Posted by - Wednesday, 11th January 2017 - DevOps, Agile Development, Optimizing IT

Do you think that DevOps isn’t for you? That it’s not relevant to SAP?

Or perhaps you are trying to achieve a DevOps culture, but find yourself unsure as to whether you’re succeeding?

Well, in reality DevOps isn’t quite as...

Bank sign image
Posted by Peter Yabsley - Tuesday, 13th September 2016 - DevOps, Agile Development, Optimizing IT
I’ve just been reading about the recent $185 million fine levied on Wells Fargo bank by various regulators in the US, after around 1.5 million bank accounts were opened and 565,000 credit cards applied for without the authorisation of the actual...
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