Are some sports coaches using DevOps to improve their team’s performance?
Posted by Tim England. Posted on Thursday, 6th April 2017

When thinking of techniques of how to improve the output of an IT team by moving towards DevOps, it seemed obvious to pick on some sporting examples to demonstrate how it would work. Changing the traditional methodology of how any team...

What can football teach us about data analysis?
Posted by Tim England. Posted on Tuesday, 31st January 2017

So your team had their best ever year last year, pulling in some very impressive results and winning an award in the process. But this year it has been much tougher. Ok, so last year was exceptional, but at least one European...

The launch of Consolidator: The safer, faster way to SAP system consolidation
Posted by Tim England. Posted on Wednesday, 18th May 2016
We’ve recently launched a new automation tool to help our clients manage their SAP systems. It’s called Consolidator, and it provides the means to merge multiple instances of SAP more safely, quickly and cost-effectively than ever.

‘But what does...
Posted by Tim England. Posted on Tuesday, 24th March 2015

I was at my Gran’s on Sunday and I noticed an audio cassette on the coffee table.

If like me, you understand the link between the two, you may have also realised shamedly you are slightly older than you thought. But things have progressed...

SAP Unicode:  expand your horizons
Posted by Tim England. Posted on Monday, 26th November 2012

What is Unicode?

Unicode means that rather than using a single byte of data to represent a character or number, it instead uses two bytes.

With only a single byte, this means you only get 256 combinations of characters. For...